yudai tanaka

intercepting nervous system for interactive actuation

I’m a third-year phd student in the department of computer science at University of Chicago
advised by Pedro Lopes.
I invent novel channels for computers to intercept our nervous system and allow them to actuate our perception and behavior.

Curriculum Vitae | Google Scholar | Twitter | Email: yudaitanaka [at] uchicago.edu


2023.04.21 visited and gave a talk at Saarland HCI Lab!
2023.04.03 our CHI 2023 paper on electro-tactile won the best paper award!
2023.03.12 I will be working for Meta Reality Labs (Redmond) as a research intern this fall!
2023.01.13 two papers (electro-tactile & lipIO) got accepted to CHI 2023.
2022.08.10 talked at SIGGRAPH 2022 workshop and University of British Columbia.
2022.05.05 EHA won the best demo award at CHI 2022!

full papers

Full-Hand Electro-Tactile Feedback without Obstructing Palmar Side of Hand

Yudai Tanaka, Alan Shen, Andy Kong, and Pedro Lopes.

CHI 2023 Best Paper Award (Top 1%)

Video | Paper | Publication

Enabling Lips as both Input and Output Surface

Arata Jingu, Yudai Tanaka, and Pedro Lopes.

CHI 2023 (Acceptance Rate: 27.6%)

Video | Paper | Publication

Electrical Head Actuation:
Enabling Interactive Systems to Directly Manipulate Head Orientation

Yudai Tanaka, Jun Nishida, and Pedro Lopes.

CHI 2022 (Minor Revision: 12.5%)

SIGGRAPH E-tech 2022

CHI 2022 Best Demo Award

Video | Paper | Publication

Talk | Demo

Dual-User Passive Exoskeleton Glove That Adaptively Shares Hand Gestures

Jun Nishida, Yudai Tanaka, Romain Nith, and Pedro Lopes.

UIST 2022 (Acceptance Rate: 25.9%)

Video | Paper | Publication

Simulating Haptic Sensation of Dynamic Mass
by Combining Pseudo-Force and Texture Feedback

Yudai Tanaka, Arata Horie, and Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen.

VRST 2020 (Acceptance Rate: 26.5%)

Video | Paper | Publication | Talk

short papers, posters

Understanding Crowdsourcing Requesters’ Wage Setting Behaviors using Bayesian Growth Curve Modeling

Kotaro Hara, Yudai Tanaka.

CHI 2022 Late-Breaking Work

Publication | Talk

Saliency-Based Automatic Shape Representation of Digital Images with a Vertical Pin-Array Screen

Yudai Tanaka*, Riku Arakawa*, Hiromu Kawarasaki, and Kiyosu Maeda (*: equal contribution).

TEI 2020 Poster

Video | Paper

A Formative Study for Record-time Manual Annotation of First-person Videos

Yudai Tanaka, Sohei Wakisaka, and Masahiko Inami.

MobileHCI 2019 Poster

Best Poster Award Nominee

Video | Paper