yudai tanaka

a researcher exploring new interface channels for Human Computer Integration

I’m a second year phd student in the department of computer science at University of Chicago
advised by Prof. Pedro Lopes.
My research aim is to invent novel channels for computers to access our body.

Curriculum Vitae | Google Scholar | Twitter | Email: yudaitanaka [at] uchicago.edu


2020.9.25 I arrived in Chicago and officially started my phd!
2020.8.18 DualVib got accepted by VRST 2020 as a full paper.

research works (publications)

Simulating Haptic Sensation of Dynamic Mass
by Combining Pseudo-Force and Texture Feedback

Yudai Tanaka, Arata Horie, and Xiang ‘Anthony’ Chen. |

VRST 2020 Full Paper

Video | Paper | Talk

Saliency-Based Automatic Shape Representation of Digital Images with a Vertical Pin-Array Screen

Riku Arakawa*, Yudai Tanaka*, Hiromu Kawarasaki, and Kiyosu Maeda (*: equal contribution).

TEI 2020 Poster

Video | Paper

A Formative Study for Record-time Manual Annotation of First-person Videos

Yudai Tanaka, Sohei Wakisaka, and Masahiko Inami.

MobileHCI 2019 Poster

Video | Paper